Parental Participation Approach

Preston endeavours to raise the parental participation and promote positive and open lines of communication, this is achieved through a range of strategies including;

Parental Consultation Afternoon

All parents are invited to a meeting with their AM and SENCo on this day. Paarents who are unable to attend can request alternative appointments.

Parents Evenings

The SENCo is available for parents appointments at all subject parent evenings.


All parents of students with SEN are able to book meetings with their Learning Manager and /or SENCO as requested.

Annual Reviews

All High Needs funded students have an Annual Review with the SENCO, this provides further opportunities for parental feedback and participation through attendance and parental consultation forms.


The SENCO email is available on the school website for parents to contact them directly.

Family Survey

There is a question around support and provision within the annual family survey. This data can be filtered and analysed by SEN and Non SEN students.

Additional Support for Parents

For those parents who find meetings in school difficult, additional support is available through the following staff;


Emotional Support Worker
Student Medical and Welfare Officer
These staff members can facilitate home/school meetings.



Key Information

Key Information



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