Main Uniform

The following items of uniform are compulsory:

  • Blazer: Navy with badge. Sleeves must be rolled down
  • Skirt or Trousers:
    • skirt navy pleated
    • trousers, mid-grey, straight leg style
  • Shirt: white, firm collar only, buttoned to neck.
  • School tie: stripe or prefect (minimum of A4 in length).
  • Socks or tights: black or navy may be worn
    • socks must not be worn over tights.
    • white socks are not permitted.
  • Shoes: flat shoes muct be black leather type, not suede or other fabric. The wearing of trainers is not allowed.

Optional items:

  • Jumper or cardigan: navy blue (underneath blazer).
  • Vest: any vests or t-shirts worn under the shirt must be plain white and without a logo.

Where to purchase:

The blazer and tie must be branded and purchased from the Schoolwear & More shop.

All other items can be purchased widely, examples below:

PE Kit

The following items of PE uniform are compulsory:

  • Polo shirt: White & red with school logo.
  • Sports shorts or trousers:
    • shorts: red
    • trousers: navy leggings or trackpants
  • Red sports socks

Where to purchase:

All compulsory items above must be purchased from the Schoolwear & More shop.

In addition the following items are compulsory:

  • Trainers
  • Shin pads
  • Football boots

Where to purchase:

The additional compulsory items can be purchased widely, examples below:

Optional items:

  • Red sports hoodie
  • Rugby shirt
  • Gum shield

Where to purchase:

The optional items above must be purchased from the Schoolwear & More shop.

Other information

Outdoor coats:

Outdoor coats can be worn travelling to and from School and around the site, but should not be worn in the classroom.


Only one earring should be worn in each ear. These must be of a stud type only, Hoops and dangling earrings are not permitted. Earrings that are spikes and therefore protrude above the skin surface are not permitted on the grounds of health and safety. Spacer earrings are also not permitted. Jewellery is a health and safety issue when students are working in science labs, workshops and PE.

All other body piercing is not acceptable and cannot be covered by a plaster, this includes nose studs, and tongue bars. Only one simple ring, no large stones or sovereigns, may be worn.

Necklaces and bracelets should not be worn; with the exception of one charity band which must be removed for PE. Additional jewellery will have to be removed. 

The only badges which may be worn on a blazer are official Preston School badges and official charity badges.

Headphones should not be seen.


Hair must never be of an extreme style or colour and should not include patterns and/or lines.

Hair colour should be natural looking. More than one colour is not acceptable. Streaks of colour within the hair that are not the student's natural hair colour are not acceptable.

No shorter than Grade 2 . Mohican and under cut styles are not acceptable. Patterns and lines cut into the hair are not permitted.
Any Facial hair must be kept smart and tidy.

Make up:

Make up is only allowed for Year 9-11 students and must be natural looking. Natural looking makeup may include a pale shade of eye shadow, black or brown mascara and foundation the same colour as the student's natural skin tone. The following make up products are not permitted; glitter make up, eye liner, lip stick, lip gloss. Those wearing inappropriate make up will be asked to remove it. Nail extensions and/or nail varnish is not permitted in any year group and if worn by a student, they will be asked to remove it.



Key Information

Key Information



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