GCSE Results – August 2019

GCSE Results – August 2019

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Significant Improvements in GCSE outcomes at Preston School

The students, families, staff and governors of Preston School are celebrating after their Year 11 students received fantastic GCSE exam results! Our Attainment 8 and Progress 8 (the government’s new performance criteria) scores have improved significantly on last year, which is testament to the hard work of the students and staff and reflects the great progress the school is making.

With strong performances in English, Maths & Science, Preston School will be significantly above the national average for the numbers of students gaining top grades in these subjects and one of the top performing in Somerset. We are particularly pleased with the significant progress that Science have made, and are delighted that these have been reflected in the GCSE outcomes.

Significant improvements in the school’s overall data this year include:

·         Improved Progress 8 score

·         Improved Attainment 8 score

·         More students attaining a pass grade in English

·         More students attaining a pass grade in Maths

·         More students attaining 2 or more passes in Science

·         More students gaining 5+ pass grades including English & Maths

·         More students passing both English & Maths

·         Improvements in many other subject pass rates

·         More students gaining 9-7 (A8**, A* & A) grades

Most students’ results met their target grades and many exceeded the ambitious targets set by the school, which is a credit to their hard work and ‘can-do’ attitude. With 20% of all students’ GCSE grades being A* or A there were several whose performance was outstanding and will compete against other top-performing students nationally. Just some of those are

Student making the most progress from Year 6 SATs through to GCSEs are: Saffron Pinkett, Reece Lambert, Adam Bobowik, Poppy Martinez, Dominik Chomont, Sarah Tassell, Poppy Boucher, Zahari Murdzhev, Calum Hawkins, Hannah Kemp, Zoe Carpenter, Eve Campbell & Chardan Cook.

Belinda Luscombe & Lily Keen were the highest performing students with an incredible six grade 9s and 3 grade 8s. Grade 9s are the new grade introduced by the government to be the equivalent to an A** and to get six of them will rank Belinda & Lily as some of the most academically successful students in England.

The following students also gained grades 9 and 8 for all or most of their subjects: James Perratt, Zoe Carpenter, Harry Taylor, Lucy Brett, Annette Manimala, Saffron Pinkett, Sarah Tassell, Jacob Edwards, Bronwen Price, Ollie Latham & Kieron Cooke.

Science results have once again improved with more students leaving with both passes and top grades. Four students, Belinda Luscombe, Lily Keen, Harry Taylor & Sarah Tassell were among the top performing Scientists in the country and gained the top grades of a ‘9’ for all three elements: Biology, Chemistry and Physics. A fantastic achievement.

In addition to strong English, Maths & Science outcomes, many individual subjects posted superb results that will be comparable to the best schools in Somerset and many of students will go on to study these at A-level at local colleges. A selection of the top performing include: Business Studies, BTEC Business Studies, Computing, Drama, Food preparation, Geography, Italian, PE Studies, BTEC Sport, Philosophy & Ethics, Spanish and Textiles.

In addition four students gained top grades in Additional Maths, as well as their GCSE Maths qualification. A huge well done to Kieron Cooke (A), Lily Keen (A), James Perratt (A) and Harry Taylor (B).

The students were naturally delighted with their results and what they enable them to go on and do in the future. Preston School’s Principal, Gregg Morrison, said “we are delighted with this year’s GCSE exam results and are very proud of the children who have performed so well. We are pleased that so many of our students will once again now go on to study the course of their choice in the next stage of their life, and we wish them all well for the future.

Our results are under-pinned by a huge amount of hard work by students, staff and families. Some subjects’ performance is likely to, once again, put them in the top 10% of schools nationally which is a fantastic achievement.

I am delighted with the progress that we are making as a school and I look forward to that continuing throughout the next academic year and in the future with the exciting developments that we have planned. It is an exciting time to be at Preston as we look to become even greater as a school, and offer our students even more than we currently do”.


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