Reporting to Parents

Attainment Reports

At Preston School, we aim to ensure we have an ongoing conversation about learning throughout the year with both parents and students. One element of this is the Attainment reports which provide details of:

  • Achievement and progress made by the student towards their target grade
  • Attitudes to learning
  • Behaviour and achievement data
  • Attendance data

‚ÄčTarget grade: This is the potential grade that a students is expected to achieve at the end of the year based on FFT Type D and CATs data.

Current Grade: This is the current level of attainment. The current grade given will change throughout the year depending upon the topics being taught.

Projected grade: This grade is a matter of professional judgement and should take into account current grade, prior attainment and knowledge of the student. It is a projection of what they will attain at the end of Year 7, 8, 9 or 11. The projected grade is expected to remain fairly constant and is monitored closely against the target grade for intervention to be put in place if necessary.

Timetable for publication of reports‚Äč

Year 7 - Dates TBC
Year 8 - Dates TBC
Year 9 - Dates TBC
Year 10 - Dates TBC
Year 11 - Dates TBC

New GCSE Grading System

Current NC Level in from Key Stage 2 and 3 Current GCSE Grade New GCSE Grade BTEC Grade
10/Exceptional performance A* 9 8 D2*
9 A 7 D2
8 B 6 2M
7 C 5 4 2P
6 D 3 D1
5 E 2 M1
4 F   P1
3 G 1  
2 U u  

Please note - This is NOT an official Department for Education table. This information has been produced internally to offer some guidance about the relationship between the old and new GCSE grading systems. We hope that you will find it useful, but please be aware that this information may be subject to change.

Diagnostic Sheets

The second element of our learning conversations with students and parents are the Diagnostic Assessment Sheets.

We listened to feedback from parents saying that they would like more detail on what their son/daughter can and cannot do and what they need to achieve in order to move to the next level in their learning. In each subject these new Diagnostic Assessment Sheets will provide parents with a clear overview of the skills and knowledge their child is working to acquire and how they are progressing in each aspect. Parents will be able to see a breakdown of the topics covered in each unit of work, how well their son/daughter has achieved in these and where the gaps in their knowledge might be. This diagnostic focus ensures that intervention can be more targeted and focused.

These sheets will not be published at any particular time but will be sent home throughout the year as and when a unit of work is completed in a subject. There is an opportunity for parents to sign the sheet and write a comment should they wish to.


Please click here for the letter sent to parents explaining the Assessment procedures for 2016.



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Key Information



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