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The Art course at Preston is a long established subject. In the lower school Art covers Art, Craft and Design traditionally. However, at GCSE level the subject become Fine Art. The Fine Art course pass rate often exceeds the national average. We often hear of students taking Art further and invitations to their degree exhibitions.

With new changes to the curriculum we have reacted by introducing more drawing to our teaching. This had been taken for granted in recent years as quite often contemporary art fails to exercise this skill. In the past year we have ran a trip to the Tate Modern, London. Art. We do plan to run similar trips in the coming year.



GCSE Drama is an ever increasingly popular course at Preston School and has really flourished over the last three years. With GCSE results sitting around 78% A*-C students are able to enjoy a wide range of practical exploration with an engaging theory aspect which enables students to fully appreciate the complexities of Drama, Performance and Theatre.

Drama is not strictly maintained in the studio at Preston as we have now also presented three very successful full school productions including Guys and Dolls and Sweeney Todd. We have a very clear sense of Full School Production at Preston and lead roles have been performed by students ranging from Year 11 down to Year 8.

We also do a large amount of live performance outside of the school show including short performances by Year 10 and 11 of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ and also ‘The Ash Girl’ by Timberlake Wertenbaker. Students are also encouraged to explore the more technical elements of Theatre, ranging from lighting and sound to stage make-up and costume design.

In addition to this, we run a yearly trip to London where students visit the famous Covent Garden before taking in one of the west end shows which can be explored in the classroom and also in review.



English Language and Literature are compulsory subjects at Preston School, taught with passion and vitality, providing students with skills and knowledge for academic success alongside aptitude for understanding and communicating with the world around them. Our aim is to engage and enthuse, inspire and motivate, creating learners for life. Both our GCSE courses are challenging and rewarding, following the AQA specification accordingly, building on objectives explored during KS3 years. Throughout the courses, students will study 19th-century literature, modern drama, the work of William Shakespeare, a vast array of wonderful poetry, all whilst exploring the powerful language used in both fiction and non-fiction extracts. Recent results boast an impressive 76% A*-C for English Language and 61% for English Literature.

In the Preston School English Department, we pride ourselves on shaping independent learners that use initiative and reflection as tools for success. Our teachers love their subject. It is this love, this dedication to the craft, that ensures every classroom is flourishing.



Since joining the team in January 2016, Music has taken started to grow again even if the exam results were not as predicted. Orchestra and choir have grown and successful concerts have been held through the rest of the year. There has been a one third increase in numbers taking GCSE Music for academic year 2016 and retention rates are potentially higher according to initial student feedback. Revision guides and intervention are already in place for Year 11 and Year 10 as well as team teaching sessions for GL and LH.

Potential visits to watch live Music and schools of music have been requested and will be happening this academic year.

There are 2 extra peripatetic teachers starting at Preston this year adding vocals and ukulele to the teaching repertoire.



Information available soon.

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